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Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Brisbane

MC Catriona Rowntree & Dr Ray Hope at the National Engineering Excellence Awards.

Dr Ray Hope is a passionate Motivational Speaker and his talks are always focused on the audience and their success and significance. You will be inspired by Ray’s transformation from skinny student to, pound for pound, Australia’s Strongest man. Ray has proven we can all do so much more than we think. Book Ray to speak & Get Inspired NOW!

Ray draws on his background as a multiple Australian Powerlifting Champion and National Record holder in two weight divisions at both Junior and Open level. Ray has over 10 years of competitive experience, while at the same time becoming the Vice President of Brisbane’s most cutting edge Engineering Consultancy.

Ray is passionate about helping teams of people and businesses be all that they can be.

Need a Motivational and Inspirational  Speaker in Brisbane.

Do you want you and your team to be performing at their best and get the most out of their lives? Champion athletes have a lot in common with Champion Business people, and Champions in all walks of life. The principals of success are universal. Whatever you do, you will have more success and significance if you follow and apply the principals Ray teaches. They are simple, but not obvious. They are easy to do, but also easy not to do.

If the answer is yes then book Ray as your Inspirational speaker NOW! Everyone is surprised when they see him and find out what he has achieved. No one is more surprised then Ray about what he has achieved from something that started out as simply volunteering for a Strength training study at University. Book Ray to speak & Get Inspired NOW!

Ray has a way of talking that stirs the emotions and truly inspires people. At times you can really feel his passion and excitement and at others he speaks from the heart and touches people in a way that moves them deeply.

Ray is available for Inspirational Speaking on the following topics:

• Laser Focus
• Bullet Proof Belief
• Do or Die Commitment
• Unleash Your Inner Champion
• The Secret to Courage
• The Secret to Building Champion Teams
• You Are More Powerful Than You Think
• The Difference That Makes The Difference
• The Journey Of Success
• The Champion Mindset
• You Too Can Make The Impossible Possible
• What Could You Do If You Really Lived
• Start with “Why”, how to inspire yourself and your team
• Business and Life Lessons From the Gym
• A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body, The Keys To Optimum Business Performance
• The Power Of Daily Action

Or any combination of the above. See videos for examples.

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