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About Ray Hope

Ray HopeDr Ray Hope is a Passionate Motivational & Inspirational Speaker with a track record of Success, being an Australian Champion, and a National Award winning Engineer. Ray’s own transformation from skinny University student to, pound for pound, Australia’s Strongest man, has proven we can all do so much more than we think, and his talks are always focused on the audience and their success and significance.

Even Ray had no idea what he was capable of when he began his journey in Powerlifting. It all started while studying Engineering at The University of Queensland. Ray took electives in Human Movement Studies and volunteered as a guinea pig for a 12 week strength training study for a Masters Research project. This led Ray to compete in Powerlifting and become the Best Junior lifter over all weight divisions in Australia, and break three different Australian Junior records multiple times. Ray competed in two World Junior Championships while completing his PhD in Engineering, then retired to focus on his new Engineering career.

While training at the University of Queensland, Ray learnt the power of a strong supporting team environment and an excellent coach and mentor. Ray also became the President of the University Powerlifting Club and together with the coach, Dan Baker, led the team to Victory every year he was involved in the Australian University Championships.

Pound for Pound, Australia’s Strongest Man

After nine years in retirement from Powerlifting, Ray was seeking to challenge himself again, and made a comeback to win the Australian Open Championship in 2009 and 2010, breaking the Australian total record by 2.5 kg in 2009 and breaking his own record by a massive 20 kg in 2010. His performance at the 2010 Australian Powerlifting Championships made him, pound for pound, Australia’s Strongest man.

At the 2010 Queensland titles Ray won the best lifter over all weight divisions and his deadlift of 250 kg at only 67.5kg body weight was the biggest lift of the competition while remarkably, Ray was the lightest lifter on the day.

Dr Ray Hope also became Vice President of Brisbane’s most cutting edge Engineering Consultancy. The highlight of Ray’s Engineering career, was winning four Engineering Excellence Awards in 2012 from Engineers Australia, including the prestigious National Award presented at the awards ceremony in Parliament House, Canberra.

After retiring from Powerlifting for a second time, Ray was looking for a new challenge and wanted to give back and inspire others to success and significance. Now Ray is passionate about helping teams of people and businesses be all that they can be through Inspirational and Motivational speaking and success coaching.

Ray Hope 2010 Australian Powerlifting Championships